If you’d like to follow along and join the challenge, then we highly recommend two of Dr. Ian Smith’s latest books as a helpful guide.   As they prepared to get started on the Challenge, several of our participants used his newest book, Clean & Lean: 30 Days, 30 Foods, A New You as a resource to both get familiar with their celebrity health and wellness coach but to also get started on the  program early enough to see some results on their own.

Participant Tommy Wilkins was the first to adapt this book to his own personal journey and within the first two weeks he lost 13 pounds.  Dr. Ian (as everyone calls him) requested Tommy continue this program for the full 30 days before he starts on his next assignment.

In Clean & Lean, Dr. Ian combines intermittent fasting (IF) with a clean diet.  He states that there is antidotal evidence on the benefits of IF as Monique Tello, MD, MPH, who wrote an article on intermittent fasting for the Harvard Medical School’s Health Publishing noted, “A growing body of research suggests that the timing of the fast is key, and can make IF a more realistic, sustainable, and effective approach for weight loss, as well as for diabetes prevention.”

Dr Ian goes into detail about the benefits of a clean diet in his previous book The Clean 20 as well as this newest book.  According to Dr. Ian, “Clean eating is based on the basic premise that eating more natural, less processed foods is not only good for one’s health but equally important for the environment.”

Studies show the clean-eating trend is growing in popularity across all age groups and is changing the way consumers shop for food. The emphasis on whole, plant-based foods is a plus for the produce industry.  In Clean & Lean, Dr. Ian recommends a list of foods that highlights specific fruits, vegetables, dairy and meats while cutting out items such as added sugar and soda. This is not just a diet or weight loss program but it’s a meant to be a permanent lifestyle change.  If you’re inclined to do what Tommy did by using this book as a guide, you may soon see some very positive health results as he and our participants note on their vlogs.


About Dr. Ian Smith

Dr. Ian Smith is the author of 17 books, 9 of them NY Times bestsellers including The Clean 20, Blast the Sugar Out, SUPER SHRED: The Big Results Diet, SHRED: The Revolutionary Diet, The Fat Smash Diet, and Extreme Fat Smash.  His newest book, CLEAN & LEAN:  30 Days, 30 Foods, A New You! hit the stands April 9th, 2019 and was an immediate NY Times bestseller.  His books have helped hundreds of thousands of people reduce bad sugars from their diet, lose weight, lower blood sugar levels, and cut the cravings.

President Obama appointed Dr. Smith to two terms on the prestigious President’s Council on Fitness, Sports, and Nutrition. He is currently the medical contributor and co-host of the nationally syndicated television show The Rachael Ray Show.  He is a former co-host of the Emmy award-winning syndicated daytime talk show, The Doctors.  He also served as the medical/diet expert for six seasons on VH1’s highly-rated Celebrity Fit Club and is the creator and founder of the national health initiatives: The 50 Million Pound Challenge and The Makeover Mile.

During the Clean Eating Challenge, Dr. Smith will be working closely with each of the participants to tailor a plan based on their goals, health challenges and the results of their physicals.