We’re excited to announce the launch of the Clean Eating Challenge leading up to the 2020 Viva Fresh Expo!

There’s been a global rise in clean eating causing consumers from all age groups to embrace a plant-based diet.  But growers are often removed from these trends, creating a disconnect with consumers. That’s why four Tex-Mex industry members have agreed to embark on a health and wellness journey.

Celebrity physician, TV personality and best-selling author Dr. Ian Smith will lead this Challenge. He’ll be working directly with each participant to tailor a plan based on their goals, health challenges and the results of their physicals. The final results will be unveiled during the 2020 Viva Fresh Keynote Luncheon on Friday, May 1 from 11:30 – 1:00 pm.

Each week, the participants will post about their experiences on this blog.  Stay tuned to follow along and witness their progress, struggles and transformations.


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